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FLORA IND1CA.                                           19

Rerlar rigida, pedalis. Petioti basi stipulis obtongis majusculis aurienlatL Sti-
pell<s nullai. Foliola utrinque glaberrima, pallida, rigicle coriacea/ nervosa, diametro
l-2i-uncialia, saperiora sessilia. Sepafa elliptica, nervosa. Filamenta filiformia;
anthera muticas.

17. T. rotundifolinm (DC, Syst. i, 185, Prod. i. 15) ; foliis max-
imis simplicibus orbiculari-renifbrmibus inciso-lobatis et crenatis, pani-
cula ramosa. — Don, Prod. 193.

HAS. Nipal, Hamilton ! Wall.!—{i>. s.)

Herba pedalis. Petioti basi stipulis oblongis auriculati. Folia 2-4-uncialia,
nitida, nervosa, subtus tomentosa. Sepafa elliptica, obtusa. Filawenta filiformia.

Our specimens of this and the last species arc not sufficient to enable us to dedde
to1 our own satisfaction whether or not they be distinct from one another, and even
from T, Punduanum, to which the form of. the leaflets approximates them very


Mores involucrati. Sepala 5-15, petaloidoa, acstivatkme irabricata.
Ittala nulla. Achenia, mutica vel caudata, raonosperma, — Hcrbse
acaulesi radice perennL

Chiefly a northern genus, with a few specios in the mountains of South America,
and several in South Africa. The Indian species are all confined to the mountains,
none occurring below 5000 feet, and are mostly alpine. There is aJso a single
species in Tasmania, and one in the mountains of the island of Sumatra.

To the sections instituted by Pe Candolle we hare added one characterized by
the small, remarkably woolly achenia. It inclna.'s J. syfatxfris, X., A. 7irglttianat
L., and maqy other European and American species, and appears to form a very
natural group.

Sect. 1. PULSATILLA, DC. — Ackenia in eaudas longas barbatas

1. A; Albana (Steven in Mem. Soc. Nat. Mosq. iii. 264) ; foliis
pinnatipartitis, pinnis profunde pinnatifidis segmentis ifccisis, involucri
triphylli foliis basi coalitis cuneatis apice varie incisis, flore solitario
cainpamilato nutante, sepalis late ellipticis apice reilexis. — DC. 8y*t. i.
545, Prod. i. 17- Pulsatiila albana, Ledeb. Jc. M. Alt. 1. 109, II Ło&>
i. S3. Anemone Wallichiana, Eoyk/' III. 52.

HAB. In Tibet occidental!, alt. 12-16,000 ped.: Balti, JPutterbot-
toml Z^nskarl Ladak! Piti et Kanawer, Jacquamont I Rogle! — (Fl.
Jun. Jul.) (ť. t?.)

DISTRIB. Armenia! Caucasus! Altai ! Baikal !

Itense pilosa, pflis patentibos. Ssttpi iloriferi i-pcdales, frectiferi pcdalea.
ceftus floris dense toinentosus, involncrum vix suj)erans, fructiier elongatus* Sepala
|-uncialia, intns pubeacentia, extus dense scricea, pallide rubcscentia. Stamina ex-
tima in glandulas stipitatas miitata. Je&wia dense sericea,
Tibetan specimens agree exactly witli Siberian ones in .everything bat the colonr
of the flowerj in which respect they are, as It were, intermediate bctTreea the two
varieties distinguished by lidebour. Perhnis the species is only an alpine state of A.
prafetrjtis, which appears to diTcr chiefly by heiag larger, with larger, deepnr blue
flowers, a more deeply divided T ivolurru, aad more finely cu